Our Tiny Earth


We’re living in a world of great change. Within the past decade, we’ve seen everything from 3D printers bringing the idea of Star Trek replicators to life, to rovers landing on Mars, and the Rosetta mission landing on a comet. We’ve seen worlds of information available to us through tiny devices we keep in our pockets. We watched a man jump from a balloon in outer space only to land safely without a scratch. We’ve witnessed great tragedies, including climate change, Hurricane Katrina and Fukushima. We’ve see people continue to fight for the rights in which others take for granted, we’ve see others loose the rights they believed they had.

This is Our Tiny Earth, just a speck in the greater picture, not even a complete brush stroke, but what a speck it is.

My name is Scott Wischmeyer. I started Our Tiny Earth over three years ago as a way to journal Michelle and my journey to personal sustainability. Though I loved what we were doing, I believe that it’s about more than just us. It’s about you. It’s about all the people who are traveling through space on this little rock. We each have a story. We each have our passions, our loves, and our purpose. From this point on, Our Tiny Earth is going to bring you those stories about all those people. From the lady behind the counter at the local convenient store, to the bio-chemical engineer, we each have something to say.

Welcome to the new Our Tiny Earth.

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